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stacks Ryuta Hironaga - SURROUNDINGS

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"SURROUNDINGS" is a photo zine by Ryuta Hironaga, a photographer originally from Kumamoto who is currently based in New York.

The content focuses on his daily life and routine in New York.

Recently Ryuta has been photographing key figures in American street culture for a variety of magazines, and I think this work is a fantastic book that can also be positioned as a contemporary representation of the lineage of New York's downtown culture.

Published in 2022 by Stacks bookstore.

Published by stacks bookstore
Book designed by Takeshi Matsumi
Edition 200
44 Pages
195 × 257 mm
Printed in Japan

"Stacks" is a zine that compiles works by artists from various genres, both domestic and international, who have their roots in street culture.
Previous titles in the "stacks" series have been published by BlackEyePatch, a Tokyo-based fashion brand that works on a variety of projects, but this will be the first time that a title will be published independently under the "stacks" title.
The participating artists are diverse, ranging from domestic and international photographers to illustrators and tattoo artists, and we look forward to seeing what they do in the future.


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