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MERRELL Hydro Next Gen Moc

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MERRELL has embodied iconic shoe designs that are suitable for a variety of environments, using forms that are playful yet prioritize functionality.

Among them, the distinctive design inspired by the lines drawn by flowing water has become a hot topic around the world, and the "HYDRO MOC" has gained popularity as a pioneer of the foam sandal trend. The next-generation model "HYDRO NEXT GEN" series, which inherits and evolves its DNA, will be released in spring 2024.

The "HYDRO NEXT GEN MOC" uses "BLOOM™" foam, a sustainable material made from algae biomass, for the upper material, and the newly improved heel structure allows for smooth putting on and taking off. In addition, the highly cushioned "FLOATMAX™" foam midsole improves comfort. The rubber outsole on the ground improves traction and durability, creating an all-terrain "HYDRO MOC".

The concept of the upper form of the evolved "HYDRO NEXT GEN" series is based on the image of "Water Flowing over Rocks."


A plant-based EVA foam material containing 10% algae biomass. Due to the effects of global warming in recent years, the proliferation of algae in lakes has become an issue, affecting the ecosystem of aquatic organisms. To solve this problem, algae biomass extracted from algae collected during the water purification process is converted into chips and mixed into EVA to create a highly flexible foam material. It also returns purified water to the algae's habitat, and as a substitute for petroleum-based materials, it reduces CO2 emissions.

■ FLOATMAX™ foam A sustainable EVA foam that has excellent midsole cushioning and rebound elasticity, and combines the opposing properties of light weight and durability (functional sustainability). Compared to the "FLOATPRO™" foam used in many MERRELL performance shoes, "FLOATMAX™" is a foam that is softer and has improved cushioning. In order to reduce the burden on the environment, it is made using a "waste-free manufacturing process" and is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, which is easier to recycle.

■ MERRELL Sticky Rubber Outsole: MERRELL's unique sticky rubber provides excellent grip and durability on a variety of fields.

■ Vegan friendlyProducts that do not use ingredients of animal origin.


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