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MERRELL Hat Ultra Wrap

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MERRELL's first recovery sandals feature an updated version of the sustainable midsole "FloatPro™", which combines cushioning and durability, and "FloatMax™", which provides the highest level of cushioning and support.

Having been certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as "sandals that are good for your feet," the range of uses for these sandals has expanded, and it is expected that wearing them after a performance will have a positive effect.

The molded EVA upper features hook and loop and double buckle construction, allowing for a custom fit that can be adjusted to fit each individual foot shape.

The midsole "FloatMax™", which provides the ultimate in cushioning, is MERRELL's latest technology, which has been improved upon "FloatPro™", a midsole that provides excellent cushioning and stability and is used in many performance items, mainly for trail running, to provide the highest level of comfort.

The footbed is treated with antibacterial and deodorizing "NXT processing" to protect the shoes from dirt and odors, ensuring a comfortable fit at all times.

Additionally, the midsole contains 10% "BLOOM™," an upcycled EVA material made from algae collected from lakes that have a negative impact on the environment.

By integrating it with highly abrasion-resistant EVA foam for durability, we have achieved performance while also achieving sustainable action.


■ EVA Upper Lightweight EVA foam upper with a flexible fit. Easy to clean and perfect for water activities.

■ Hook & loop closure system x double buckle Hook & loop and double buckle structure allows for quick fit adjustment.

■ Recycled webbing
Webbing made from 100% recycled materials.

■ NXT deodorizing insole
NXT anti-odor insole

■ FloatMax™ foam insole The insole is made of sustainable EVA foam, which has excellent cushioning and resilience, and is lightweight and durable (functional sustainability). In order to reduce the burden on the environment, the insole is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is easy to recycle, and is manufactured in a "waste-free manufacturing process." "FloatMax™" is softer and has improved cushioning than the "FloatPro™" foam used in many MERRELL shoes.

■ BLOOM™ x EVA foam midsole
"BLOOM™" is a plant-based EVA foam material containing 10% algae biomass. Due to the effects of global warming in recent years, the proliferation of algae in lakes has become a problem, affecting the ecosystem of aquatic organisms. To solve this problem, algae biomass extracted from algae collected during the water purification process is converted into chips and mixed with EVA to create a highly flexible foam material. It is also installed in the midsole along with EVA, which has excellent abrasion resistance.

■ EVA foam outsole EVA outsole with durability and grip that can function as an outsole.

■ Vegan friendlyProducts that do not use ingredients of animal origin.


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