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Delicious Border Pocket L/S Tee

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We have created a completely original border LS Tee.

All processes, including design, fabric, and production, are made in Japan.

The staff all discussed the border pattern and color scheme, and after much back and forth, they finally came up with it.

There is no deep meaning or background to this color scheme; it was simply decided based on each of us sharing our favorite colors.

The bright colouring is a bit too bright for my taste, so I washed it to give it a duller tone, giving it a soft texture even at first touch.

I create data for many different border patterns and then choose the one that I think looks best to put together.

I also like bolder design patterns, but because it is multi-coloured I made it finer in width and adjusted each line to make sure it wasn't too harsh on the eyes.

We have deliberately developed two sizes, with the M size corresponding to ML and the L size corresponding to L-XL.

We tried on the completed first sample, mulled it over and over again, and after making some fine adjustments we settled on this size balance.

The arms are designed like a hockey shirt, with wide space under the arms and a tapered silhouette towards the cuffs.

However, it is not as large as the original, and the fabric is adjusted so that it does not get bulky even when layered over something.

The pattern is a little unusual, but I like the subtle attention to detail that makes it feel natural when worn.

Another point is that this time there is no name tag, so at first glance it does not look like a Delicious original.

This striped tee was created with an eye towards finding a balance that doesn't rely too much on obvious aspects.

We hope this will become one of your favorite pieces.

Material : 100% Cotton

Made in Japan

size Length Chest width shoulder width Sleeve Length
Medium 75cm 58cm 52cm 62cm
Large 77cm 64cm 52cm 62cm

*Please note that there may be slight differences in size.


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