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stacks Hikaru Ichijo - ennui

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This is the zine "ennui" by Hikaru Ichijo, an artist who has worked on many client projects, including for NIKE and Calbee's Kappa Ebisen.

Published during an exhibition held at stacks bookstore.

Hikaru Ichijo is an illustrator who has worked on numerous client projects in recent years.

She is an artist whose illustrations are appealing because they are graphically and modernly composed while still retaining an analogue feel, but this latest book is one that prominently features the pottery she has been creating herself, which she says is her life's work.

The characters that appear as elements in the graphical illustrations are even more fascinating when seen on pottery that Ichijo made himself.

From the pages where he adds illustrations to his photographs, we can see that Ichijo's style is perfectly established, whether it's 2D illustrations or 3D ceramics.

Enjoy the ennui-filled world view.


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