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stacks Colin Sussingham "Disappear Into Earth"

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Stacks will publish "Disappear Into Earth," a new photo book by New York-born photographer Colin Sussingham.
In 2019, with the support of NIKE SB, Colin released the photo book "BOYS: A DECADE OF SKATEBOARDING IN NYC," which captured the New York skateboarding scene from 2008 to 2019. For his new theme, he has chosen a more personal one: a documentary of the six road trips he took between 2014 and 2020.
Scenes and objects, friends, thoughts, curiosities.
The photographs recorded here are very personal records of Colin, but they also have a universal quality that transcends differences in time and place, and are all connected to everyone's memories.
As we all reflect on our past and future daily lives amid the ongoing pandemic, Colin's collection of photographs will evoke a range of emotions.
To commemorate the release of this photo book, a photo exhibition will be held at GALLERY COMMUNE.
Stacks will also be releasing a photo tee using photos from this photo book.

First Edition / 500 copies / full color / W210mm x H265mm

PROLOGUE: Kunichi Nomura
I don't want to say anything when I look at other people's photos, and I'm not qualified to do so, but I do like looking at photos.
A single photograph can make you think, dream, or remember many things.
In the past, I bought a camera and took some photos while traveling, but the prints I received after developing them were always extremely disappointing.
The impression I had of that moment in my memory was so far removed from the photo I had taken that I quietly put the camera down.
It seems that photography isn't really my forte, and I feel that rather than taking photographs I can get closer to the scene and emotions I was feeling at the time by writing them down in words.
Colin's photos are different.
Looking at the photographs he takes as a skater, I am reminded of a time gone by that will never come back.
It was when I was young and wandering around, dreaming of all sorts of things and waking up from those dreams over and over again. As I moved around, I would be engrossed in gazing at the scenery that never changed all day, I would be surprised at how beautiful the scenery was and how my heart would be moved by insignificant things.
It was those days when one moment I thought I was in the middle of the world, and the next I felt like I was the loneliest person in the universe.
I guess that's what it means to become an adult.
I always think that photography transcends time.
No matter when or where the photo was taken, it creates a moment that connects with emotions that you may have forgotten when you felt them.
And photographers are so good at capturing those moments.
It captures the viewer and draws them into the story that unfolds within.
Through the pages, I saw the moments captured through the viewfinder of Colin, whom I had only met once, and I superimposed them on my own past.
The Indiana sunset that Colin saw becomes the sunset I once saw in Texas, a sentimental memory of days gone by, and becomes my own.
And now that freedom of movement has been banned, and the act of traveling has become more expensive and unattainable than anything else, it was the closest thing I could do to traveling; it was travel itself.
Kunichi Nomura

"Stacks" is a zine that compiles works by artists from various genres, both domestic and international, who have their roots in street culture.
Previous titles in the "stacks" series have been published by BlackEyePatch, a Tokyo-based fashion brand that works on a variety of projects, but this will be the first time that a title will be published independently under the "stacks" title.
The participating artists are diverse, ranging from domestic and international photographers to illustrators and tattoo artists, and we look forward to seeing what they do in the future.


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