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Serving the People Canvas Tote

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SERVING THE PEOPLE (STP) is a non-profit organization that supports artists and digital platforms that deliver educational and creative content to a global audience.

To provide an environment where everyone, from young artists to established artists, can easily access art without bias.
Encouraging experimentation and expanding creative expression.

We will remove barriers to participation and present content from a wide range of fields that is uncurated and free from commercial bias.
By taking this approach we are creating a unique global community of creators.

The STP network is made up of people active in a wide range of fields, including art, music, film, food, design, editorial, marketing, and branding.

STP is a non-profit organization/platform that promotes and introduces the new works of its founder, LUCIAN SMITH, as well as the art of like-minded artists from various fields to the world without going through the industrial system of art galleries. By constantly releasing digital/physical content, STP provides an opportunity for various artists to grow.

Lucien Smith

Smith is an American contemporary artist best known for his abstract process art works, whose compositions are free-form and feature both accidental and impromptu marks throughout.
His series of Rain Paintings, created using fire extinguishers filled with paint, are considered classic examples of what critics in the early 2010s called Zombie Formalism.
"People have an idea of ​​what art should look like, so it's easy to make something that looks like art but isn't, especially if it's an abstract form. I've been guilty of that in the past, but the way to avoid that dangerous territory is to have the methods and the ideas, those tools that you need before what the final piece is going to look like," Smith says.
Born on April 15, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, she attended Cooper Union School of Art and Design, graduating with a BFA in 2011, and served as a studio assistant for artist Dan Colen.
Smith's career was marked by rapid success and he had an exhibition at Salon 94 when Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn discovered his work while he was still a student.
Since then, he has exhibited at New York's Skarstedt Gallery, Marianne Boesky Gallery, and Half Gallery. Smith continues to live and work in New York, New York. (Artnet)

Material : 100% cotton

Made in the USA

Size : One Size (Height 40cm x Width 55cm x Depth 18cm)


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