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Puresu de Tokyo / SPACIOUS Drawing water from a culvert

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PURESU's first compilation booklet.

1. Hikaru Takada
2. Culverts - "Play" in urban spaces / Nozomi Takasugi (Fuzuki Shobo)
3. Park playground equipment / Fujio Kito
4. Creating works that can be placed in public spaces / Dennis Fox
5. Mushroom gathering in urban spaces / Shion Kakizaki (Salmon and Trout)
6. Ministop - Fifty Mornings in Tokyo / Lucas Schinphauser
7. Taketo Kobayashi

Edited by: Hikaru Takada, Atsushi Tomari Designer: Atsushi Tomari Specifications: Saddle stitching, offset printing Printing: Hakko Art Size: 128 x 182mm
Publication year: 2021


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