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Puresu de Tokyo / REPERAGES Exploring

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In Search of the Time Warp Lab - Jack Tethem

"Exploration" is the prelude to a book report, Distortion Experience, to be released simultaneously in February 2023.

Here, archival photographs, mental projections of potential installations and topographical maps created from memory compose the story of a fantastical expedition based on real facts.

We will visit industrial corridors, catacombs, quarries, mines, mushroom farms, caves, chasms, otherworldly cities and other special extraterrestrial locations in search of spaces where we can carry out intensive drawing and time-stretching experiments.

A month of voluntary underground confinement where time has vanished. Dedicated to my adventurers.

Editing and design: Hikaru Takata
Proofreading Laurent Bruel
Translated by Alexander Rush / Hikaru Takata Printing Cover, Hakko Art / Text lithograph, Press de Tokyo
Bookbinding 3D Bookbinding Co., Ltd.
Release date: February 2023
Number of copies: 200
Size: 297 x 210 mm
Number of pages: 76

Repetitions in the research of the temporal distortion laboratory — Jack Tezam "Repetitions" about the beginning of a distortion experience, which was published in February 2023, is the result - on the verge of a foreign journal, potential mental projections of installations, photographs of the archives, and dessins topographiques realisés of memories - a fantastic experience based on real events.
Techniques gallery, catacombs, carriages, mines, champignons, holes, gouffres, extraterrestrial cities and other remote areas are just some of the things we visit in a space that is both intensively designed and immobile for exploring a claustration south of the border, but which lasts for a long time.
Our adventures.

Editing and design by Hikaru Takata
French Proofreading Laurent Bruel
Translation English: Alexander Rash / Japanese: Hikaru Takata
Print cover offset: Hakko Bijyutsu / Risograph: PURESU de Tokyo
Book Binding
Publisher PURESU de Tokyo
Date February 2023
Limited Edition 200
Size 297x210mm
Pages 76


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