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.OWT. issue04

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".OWT." is a photo magazine created by photographer Goya Shingo.
Goya is in charge of everything from interviews, writing, photography, layout and binding, and each issue focuses on "the two of us" resulting in a creative and unique composition.

Issue 04 of this magazine focuses on the following two people.

Raymond Molinar
(Photographer / 16mm Filmmaker / Professional Skateboarder)

Lives in California.
Raymond is a professional skater who has appeared in numerous skateboarding films. In 2004 he discovered his passion for photography and his work, shot using 35mm, medium format, large format and Polaroid cameras, encompasses a range of delicate portraits, advertising, street and landscape photographs.
In particular, his signature Polaroid works are beautiful photographs taken with a large format 8x10 camera, exuding a unique texture and a sense of gentleness and nostalgia.
Nowadays, photographic film itself is often discontinued and prices have risen, making it very difficult to get your hands on it casually, but he has an extraordinary preference for Polaroid, and uses 8x10 film in particular.
Earlier this year he opened his own studio in Los Angeles, and we caught up with him as he works to open a camera shop with actor and professional skateboarder Jason Lee in what was once a motel and is currently under construction.
This will undoubtedly be an important store for anyone who takes film photos when visiting Los Angeles.
Through this magazine, we will bring you glimpses of his busy life and his wonderful works that portray a wonderful world.

Misato Suzuki

Lives in California.
The first time I saw her work was when her artwork was printed on a skate deck for UMA LANDSLEDS.
My eye was caught, and when I checked the artist, I found Misato's name.
I still vividly remember being shocked by the wonderful work that was officially released by a Japanese person.
After that, I became curious about what kind of work he was doing, so I sent him a direct message asking if I could feature him in this issue. He gladly accepted, and I visited his home and studio in Southern California, which was a wonderful place with a lovely family, a calm atmosphere, and love.
As we talked while taking photos, I learned that she had previously worked at Girl Skateboards, while also working as a director for a women's brand and continuing her artistic endeavors. When I looked over at the desk in the garage, I saw the doll and MIsato's collaborative deck that had been incorporated into the Girl deck! I was shocked again and shivered.
I am a Girl fan who has owned many Girl decks, and I have been influenced by many of their video works.
He has been living and working in the United States since he was a university student.
His paintings have been featured in galleries around the world, including solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan.
Her work integrates nature and culture, connecting modern life with the living world, and is influenced by her time spent in Aomori, close to the sea, surrounded by forests, and with greenery everywhere.
In this issue we introduce a small part of their work, as well as their wonderful families and spaces.

Paradise Eight FILMS
This time, too, the footage was shot on 8mm film in California, where we both visited for an interview.
There are many scenes that are difficult to convey in photographs, atmospheric colors that are unique to film, and scenes not published in the magazine, so you will undoubtedly enjoy it even more if you view it together with the magazine pages.
A QR code is printed on the enclosed door tag band.
Please download it on your smartphone and enjoy the behind-the-scenes of this interview.

Number of copies printed: 500 copies (first edition) Number of pages: 78
Comes with a DOOR TAG (QR code included)
Specification details - High white rough bagasse 220kg
- High-quality paper 110kg, 90kg
Binding method: Manual mechanical left-hand binding (Because we use manual mechanical perfect binding, there may be some misalignment, but we hope you will enjoy the benefits of handmade binding.)

A photo magazine produced by photographer Goya Shingo, who runs NOTES magazine and has strong ties to the domestic and international skate scenes.
OWT (out) = anything or something (British English slang).
A word used in some parts of the country.
When read backwards it becomes TWO (the number two), and by connecting the two with a period it has the meaning of "something between two people", which is the theme of the magazine.


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