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NYXO Records Moon Man Book

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NYXO Records was launched in 2014 by the jazz collective Onyx Collective, which started out on the streets of downtown New York.
The label's first release will be "Small Things," a collaboration between next-generation soul singer Nick Hakim and New York jazz legend Roy Nathanson.
The Moonman Book mainly contains photos taken during the PV shoot.
By watching both the PV and the book, the fragmented storyline of the work will come together and your understanding will increase.
The book also features impactful messages written in the handwriting of graffiti writer "PEAR."

Onyx Collective
Isaiah Barr and a group of jazz-loving childhood friends and high school classmates gathered in a neighborhood called ONYX in Brooklyn, New York.
This is considered the beginning of the Onyx Collective.
At a young age, he mixed free jazz, R&B, funk, and other elements in his own style, catching the attention of Know Wave and Supreme, and releasing records.
In recent years, they have launched NYXO as a deeper and larger collaboration with the New York community, their roots and base.
It is a label for fellow musicians and a showcase platform for visual artists and photographers.


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