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MANWHO MUSIC "Take this way home today By Lu / Yoshiaki Shimbo"

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Lu / Yoshiaki Shimbo, who grew up in a street culture of skateboarding and club events, has been working with Shu Noben since the early 2000s. They have collaborated on event flyers and live painting, sharing a sense of contemporary music and visuals and outputting works. After that, Shu Noben, who started working on MANWHO designs, heard a mix that Lu / Yoshiaki Shimbo had recorded experimentally and uploaded to soundcloud, and the production of this work began in an attempt to expand on that style.

The CD's contents are a mix of electronic and melodic music, contemporary and improvisational, with a comfortable and unique loop feeling, and proceed at a steady tempo. Using simple equipment, overdubs are layered, and even mistakes that were hesitant or unsuccessful are recorded in layers, as if erasing color with color, and a new groove is born from there.

The spectacular jacket is filled with images of scenes captured from everyday life, depicted by characters in profile, and is also used on MANWHO T-shirts. On the back, there is a collection of QR code links that can be used to share the playlist. Following the links leads to a video work that includes sound effects based on the title, connecting the music and visuals.

This is the second CD under the label MANWHO MUSIC.
MANWHO MUSIC is currently active behind the scenes, so we look forward to their future work.
Delicious is back in stock. If you missed out on it last time, here's your chance.

>>Track list (59min)
Diva "Divinity In Thee"
Case Closed “Emerald Water”
SizzleBird "Worlds Away"
David Shrigley "The Flame"
Cashmere Cat “Europa Pools ft. Kacy Hill”
chriz javey "Take You"
Red Snapper "Archout"
Elusive "Alien Simulation"
chriz javey "Speed ​​It Up"
John Cage "4'33"
Dirty Projectors "Work Together (Dj Manny Remix)"
Seefeel "Spangle (Autechre Remix)"
Intiche feat. Dubsalon “Cebus”
David Lynch “Six Figures Getting Sick”
Autechre "Stud"
flume "rushing back (slowthinks remix)"
Dirty Projectors "Keep Your Name"
Jaki Liebezeit "Drum Solo"
Maurice Fulton "One Itself"
Mano Le Tough "No Road Without a Turn"
Ivy Lab "Paradise Pistol"
Poolside & Fatnotronic "Esperar Pra Ver"
Kusht and The Secret Players “The Village”
Pauline Oliveros "The Wanderer"
IVVVO “Hold Me Closer (Tiny Dancer)”
MAN WHO "B-Side"
Deft “Rollon”
totto “Run Program”
William Lamson “Hunt and Gather”
Digital Trip “Eclipse De Obsidiana (Original Mix)”
Rebecca Vasmant "Timings End"
Taylor Bense "Can't Wait feat. Greg Paulus"
Little Dragon "A New"
Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique "Tell You (Today) (Original Mix)"
System "Smile"
Derek Bailey and Steve Lacy “Input #3”
Damien Rose "marie hill~please you demo"
Rue Royale "Set Out To Discover (Lambert Rework)"
Aphex Twin "Laughable Butane Bob"
beastie boys "and what you give is what you get"

CD (limited to 500 copies)

Lu / Yoshiaki Shimbo (@l_u_yoshiaki_shimbo) Communication based on visual impressions, using painting and graphic tool techniques to develop and produce ideas suited to the situation. His works depict abstract images using lines of selected colors reminiscent of letters and symbols, integrating the mathematical precision of machines and the discrepancy between human sensory depiction.


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