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MANWHO MUSIC is a new release platform being launched by Suzuki Tsutomu, also known as Aka no Ben, an artist based in Sendai who has been involved in the design of MANWHO since its inception, and Mitarai Yu, an Oita resident who runs the record shop RA'S DEN RECORDS and has supported the musical side of MANWHO.

ZAKROVOK is the name of the two's production unit. The two were born in 1980 and started skateboarding in their respective hometowns in the mid-1990s, and met in 2011 as a painter and a DJ. After that, they produced one MIXCD and a 10-inch picture vinyl, and also held live painting and DJ sessions in various places. MANWHO started in 2015, and from the production of #manwho2 (DVD/2017), Yu Mitarai joined as a musical supporter, producing an original soundtrack that perfectly blended with the skaters' skating and video development. For #manwho3 (DVD/2019), released last year, they went back to their roots by selecting songs that were inspired by the skaters that appear in the video, further highlighting MANWHO's simple and emotional world of video. And in 2020, they will start MANWHO MUSIC as the next step of these.

This first work was made under the name of ZAKROVOK to let you know the work of the two of them again. The title "SOTOBOSHI" means "outdoor drying" as the design of the record surface. First of all, it is the beginning of a story that praises the sun. Track 1 is like the motivation of a sunny morning, and the work that has been accumulated one by one so far enters an even better groove, and the songs develop with a positive attitude that even plays with difficulties. Track 2 is a nostalgic but unknown world, but it is a complete change from the comfort of a slow-motion trip to the feeling of laundry swirling in a clear stream, to a voice that sounds like it is wrapped in the smell of dried laundry, and before you know it, it is dusk. It is a one-hour story that never gets old no matter how many times you listen to it, and it is strangely effective.

This CD is the first release under MANWHO MUSIC.
MANWHO MUSIC is currently active behind the scenes, so we look forward to their future work.
Delicious is back in stock. If you missed out on it last time, here's your chance.

>>TRACK 1 (29:58)
RNA Organism - Weimar 22
RATGRAVE - World Aid
Projections - From The Box
Warp Factor 9 - The Atmospherian (Tornado Wallace Remix)
Blue Heron Bless - The Weather
Emma Jean Thackray - Open (Again)
Rimarimba - Steady State
Kiefer - Ghosted

>>TRACK 2 (29:45)
BGM - Abstract
Little Big Bee – Scuba
Luis Agudo - O Meu Bolon
Dolphins Intro The Future - Neutral Buoyancy
Wudasse - Aba Gerima
Francis Bebey - Mopti
Kenji Endo - That's all
Allen Toussaint - ST. James Infirmary

DJ Mix: Masaru Mitarai
Design: Tsutomu Suzuki

CD + Sticker (Limited to 500)


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