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KISS good morning Yanagawa III / STILLMOMENT

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With a theme of 3D (Detroit, Dance, Dig), KISS, which is based in Fukushima, Tohoku and reaches all over the country, has released the final chapter of their MIX series "good monin' Yanagawa" by STILLMOMENT, the label's leader.

Extending and deepening the sounds showcased in the previous two albums, jazz, downtempo, Afro, house, techno, dub, and world music, the album unfolds with a consistent interpretation, and is naturally completed in jet black.

His style, which embodies the unique groove he has steadily built up at numerous venues, combined with his love of music, continues to move the hearts and bodies of those on the floor.

In today's world, where we move forward on the assumption that every action becomes a thing of the past, people walk backwards as if they were walking on the surface of the moon.

No matter how much the devices we use change, the problems we deal with are always the same. Eventually, when moods and emotions are quantified, the human mind, sucked into a vortex of data, will improve its accuracy at a speed that will replace AI, and tomorrow we may be able to define quantified love.

What choices have we made? It may no longer be dramatic, but instead become an objective fact trapped by an overwhelming amount of past achievements and algorithms. This often represents the distance between the mind that is left behind and the body that has no other choice but to be taken.

However, when the DJ plays music, the mind is drawn out and the body starts moving to catch up. The languidly swirling chords and voicings emerge in an instant, then perform an aerobatics flight between Balearic and cosmic. When I can't help but smile at the spontaneous yet vivid development, as if a time-lapse of the slowly changing state of mind over the course of days was captured, I suddenly come to my senses and wonder where the signals that move my facial muscles are coming from.

STILLMOMENT, who has taken us to various places in the past, is as talkative as a reunion with an old friend whom they haven't seen for years in this Vol.3, and they try to update each other with a high-paced amount of information and passion. This mix, which has a simple comfort that makes you want to listen to it over and over again and a persuasiveness as a work of art, gives rise to an urge to move for an unknown reason.

This would be hard to quantify, if we had bones at all.

Wing HighBridge (Inpartmaint Inc.)

Leader of KISS and DJ.
In 2009, he launched the party/project "KISS", inviting numerous domestic and international artists to DJ sessions.
His activities are diverse, including appearing at major parties and festivals across the country regardless of genre, releasing the MIX CD "good mornin' Yanagawa" and being aired on the UK cloud radio station "NTS Radio," and being a resident at "Sound Maneuvers," hosted by DJ Mitsu The Beats & DJ Mu-R.
With a background in 90's hip hop and Detroit sounds, he mixes up soul, jazz, funk, disco, house, techno, etc. with his own interpretation of the theme of "3D (Detroit, Dance, Dig)", and always pursues a one & only groove.


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