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innen books / The Masks

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Chikashi Suzuki
Hiroshi Iguchi
Joji Nakamura
Jun Tsunoda
Keita Ishiguro
Ken Kagami
Kensei Yabuno
Kosuke Kawamura
Ran Tondabayashi
Skate Thing
Tomoo Gokita

Published in 2020
16.5 x 23.6 cm
28 pages
Color Offset Printed
First Edition

Innen Books
innen books is an independent publishing house promoting Swiss and international contemporary artists and offering an unconventional perspective on art and current trends.
Founded in 2006 by Aaron Fabian, the company publishes a unique and fascinating collection of zines and books.

innen books is an independent publisher promoting Swiss and international
Contemporary artists offering unconventional perspectives on art and contemporary trends.
Founded by Aaron Fabian in 2006.
Inn has gradually gained prestige with its uniquely charming Zines and Books.


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