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"BE L'EAU" - Colin Sussingham

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"BE L'EAU" is a photobook by Los Angeles-based photographer Colin Sussingham, who is highly regarded for his work that reflects his life rooted in skateboarding culture.

"BE L'EAU" is an underwater series that Colin photographed between 2019 and 2021, capturing friends swimming in their home pools.

The beauty of the human body, which shows various expressions due to the flow of water and the refraction of light, along with shadows and gradations, creates a fantastical world.

The sight of them dancing through the water completely naked evokes the birth of life.

Here we find overwhelming beauty that is supple and graceful, at times strong and weak, and that embodies a variety of emotions such as joy and sadness, anger and fear.

This series, which stands out from Colin's previous works, will not only further publicize his talent to the world, but will also serve as an opportunity to reaffirm the preciousness of life.

Released as a joint publication by Oliver Shaw's FRIEND EDITIONS (NY) and commune Press.

Colin Sussingham | Colin Sussingham
A photographer born in New York and currently living in Los Angeles.

He has been highly praised from all quarters for his lifestyle rooted in skateboarding culture and the work he creates that reflects it.

In 2019, with the support of NIKE SB, he released the photo book "BOYS: A DECADE OF SKATEBOARDING IN NYC."

In recent years, he has been working on a variety of themes, including road trips, nature and exploring printing techniques.


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