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Shinsuke Sugawara & 6th Generation - SUGAROKU

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It's not just about quality.
A heartwarming listen.
Shochikubai Records' first collaboration project.

A collaborative album between traveling singer-songwriter Sugawara Shinsuke, whose roots are in soul and R&B, and beatmaker 6th Generation, whose acclaim is growing year by year, including releases from Germany!

Genre-less activities with roots in soul and R&B.
Sugawara Shinsuke is a singer who sometimes shakes the depths of people's hearts and sometimes surprises us with his bizarre ideas.
He also produces sampling-based music centered around 90's hip hop.
6th Generation also produces songs.

They collaborated on 6th Generation's first album, "The Right Way," and their second album, "Unstoppable."
A live session with one singer and one DJ. The two, who have been praised for their musical compatibility, have completed a collaborative album.

"Rainbow Gold" and "Talk The Night" feature Sugawara Shinsuke's sophisticated performance of 6th Generation's melodic tracks.
"Practice ~S mind zube~" and "SAETERU" are progressive club sounds that will inevitably lift your spirits.

"A Fun Holiday" is a work that allows readers to fully enjoy the unique worldview of poetry that is characteristic of Sugawara Shinsuke.
The final song on the album is a family song, a wonderful ballad titled "Kawa no Ji" which is themed around the eldest son.

A steady studio session where we create something from nothing together.
He has a great sense of music and occasionally shows his heartfelt side.

After comparing each other's images, what remains is what is human.
This is what the two have in common and what is the best part of their collaboration on this project.
I hope this song will reach people in these difficult times. Contains 10 songs!

01. The "S"
02.Rainbow & Gold
03.Talk The Night Away
04. Practice ~S mind attached~
05. Happy Holidays
06. Hirotro2020
07.Take You There
09. LEVS
10. River character

Shinsuke Sugawara
A singer-songwriter and soul singer from Tomiya City, Miyagi Prefecture. She began her singing career after graduating from junior high school.
They perform exhilarating, chaotic, laugh-and-cry live shows all over the country, in venues including live houses, clubs, bars, izakayas and on the streets.
At the same time, since moving to Tokyo in 2009, he has continued to perform street concerts in front of train stations all over the country for the past 12 years.
He has been on a nationwide music pilgrimage called "Suga Tabi" since the summer of 2020. He is currently singing somewhere in town today.

[Works related]
2014: Released first album "Tokimeki Switch"
In 2015, he appeared as a guest on the 6th generation's 1st album "THE RIGHT WAY"
2016: Singing the Rakuten Golden Eagles national anthem.
2017: Guest appearance on 6th generation's 2nd album "UNSTOPPBLE"
Selected as the Rakuten Golden Eagles' cheer song and victory song in 2018
Guest appearance on GAGLE's new album "VANTA BLACK".
Release of venue-limited singles "Iron Soldier", "It's Alright", and "Five-person Family"
From April to December 2019, the weekly digital release project was launched for 10 months. A total of 30 weeks, 37 songs were released continuously.
In March 2020, the band released their second album "GOT MY SOUL," their first in six years.
In May 2020, the first cover album "SUGACOPY" was released.
In August 2020, the 3rd album "SUMMER MADNESS" was released.

6th Generation
A DJ and beatmaker based in Kawasaki Town, at the foot of the Zao mountain range in Miyagi Prefecture, and in Sendai.
Based on hip hop with a heart beat, they capture various sonic moments and create a strong groove.
In 2015, he released his first album, "The Right Way." The album was featured on the top banner of the iTunes Store's general page for all genres. The album ranked highly in the "Hip Hop/Rap" album rankings both domestically and internationally.
In addition, a special page was created on the Korean comprehensive music app "genie," and the song achieved the highest ranking of 1st place in the "Popular Magazine Ranking" based on reader submissions.
In 2016, they performed at the outdoor festival "BASSCAMP x MALASIMBO LIGHTS & DANCE FESTIVAL" held in the Philippines, and their popularity quickly rose to "global standards."
A few months later, they traveled to the United States and recorded in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York.
This incident prompted him to release his second album, "UNSTOPPABLE," in 2017, which was packed with the thoughts and feelings he had at the time.
Guest appearances include Skyzoo, HUNGER (GAGLE), IO (KANDYTOWN), Potemkin (Gaki Ranger), KGE THE SHADOWMEN, Shinsuke Sugawara, BUZZ, Moment., and JANS. The album contains 11 songs that bring out the best in each other.
He is currently working on a collaborative album with Shinsuke Sugawara.
Attention is focused on the next level beats of the 6th Generation.

[Productions produced since 2017]
●ENCOUNT MC's / BLACK Horu pro 6th Generation (2017)
●mica the bulwark / FLY pro 6th Generation (2017)
●Dag Force / KAZE NI NARU feat NAGAN SERVER pro 6th Generation (2019)
●KGE THE SHADOWMEN / Garrison pro 6th Generation (2020)
●Rabbit / True side story pro 6th Generation (2020)
●Rabbit /TODOME pro 6th Generation(2020)
●Rabbit / Night Flight pro 6th Generation (2020)
●HUNGER / Explosion -6th Generation Remix(2020)
●Omen44 / A mind is a terrible thing to waste pro 6th Generation (2020)
●Omen44 / All 4 the Love feat. Ida Divine pro 6th Generation(2020)
●SIGEMARU / Raven pro 6th Generation (2020)
●Oonops Drops Ruff Cuts / Remember Us (instrumental 7 Edit) pro 6th Generation(2021)

[Planning and appearance]
●Technics Presents "The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra" (2018)
*Participating members: Q-bert, D-Styles, DJ Kentaro, DJ SARASA, etc.
●Redbull Presents "Groovement" Loko Yoko × 6th Generation (2018)


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