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"PRAS" × MY LOADS ARE LIGHT Shellcap Low Shoes

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Color: Beige Multi × Off White

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Description of item

"PRAS" is a vulcanized sneaker label based on the concept of "JAPANISM PRODUCTS" - manufacturing with Japanese characteristics.

"JAPANISM PRODUCTS" does not simply mean that the product is made in Japan, but rather that it appeals to the intangible, inner qualities of the Japanese people, such as "sincerity, delicacy, honesty, sincerity, humility, and attentiveness."

The brand has produced its first custom-made item with MY LOADS ARE LIGHT using the standard model ``SHELLCAP LOW'' from ``PRAS'', which has been released since the label was launched in 2015.

The shoe offers a range of expression that is different from the PRAS image to date, and the upper design, composed of a crazy pattern, is an item that modernizes your feet.

The CORDURA nylon used for the upper is tear-resistant and resistant to abrasion and wear.

Available in two colors. Shoelaces come in two colors: beige and brown.

The "SHELLCAP Series" is a series of vulcanized sneakers made by Kurume Moonstar that has been released as a standard item since the label was launched.

"Shell cap" refers to the shell motif on the toe cap.

This model uses reproduced military fabric as a new proposal for upper materials that go beyond just Kojima canvas.

The uneven high density Oxford fabric has been subjected to the cold mercerization process that is standard in vintage military wear.

Cold mercerization is a processing method in which fabric is passed through caustic soda at low temperatures to increase its strength and give it a glossy yet dry Dutch finish.

This pair of shoes is made from this fabric, which is then hand-stretched by craftsmen at Kurume Moonstar and finished using the vulcanized method.

Although it has a simple design that samples US ARMY indoor training shoes from the 1940s, the shell cap, which is also a seashell motif on the toe cap, has made it an iconic item.


UPPER: 100% CORDURA(500D) Nylon

SOLE: 100% Vulcanized Sulphide Rubber

Made in Japan

・Notes on size

We use aluminum lasts that take into account the unique shape of Japanese feet, so the shoes may feel slightly larger (about 0.5 to 1 cm) than European and American products.
For example, if you normally wear a US 9 1/2 (JP 27.5cm) in American-standard sneakers such as Converse or Vans, a size 27cm may fit you at "PRAS."
*The way the size feels will also vary depending on the shape of the wearer's foot (width and instep height).


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