Delicious Fall 2012 Apparel Arrives in Stores.

by Hiroyuki Sano
2012.10.13 | NEWS

そうして作り上げた「Delicious Original」は、年を重ねる程に味わいの増す上質な生地や、丈夫な縫製、日本人に合うパターンとシンプルなデザインになっている。これらは長く愛用されるには必要不可欠な要素であり、いつの時代でも輝きを失わない普遍的な魅力を落とし込んだプロダクトである。
どんな時代でも、自らの手で触れ、感じる事こそが全てであると思う。そして自らの手で”DIG(掘る)”という行為を、この「Delicious Original」を通して経験して欲しいと願う。

We were born in the early 1980’s and lived our teen years with 90’s skate culture,stimulated by its fascinating world.With that and great admiration for America, it became our guide and foundation for the products that we make.
Our products are not just copies of the 90’s.They are born from our “Original” experience. They are products made together with the connections we have made with people, experienced makers, and established brands.
“Delicious Original” is made from high quality fabrics that add more character with age, durable sewing, simple designs and patterns that fit the Japanese physique.These characteristics are a necessity in making products that will be a favorite for years to come, without losing its shine in any age.
Our cities are overflowing with cheap products, with people choosing products that they’ve never touched but seen only on a screen and rushing to get what’s in at the moment.In this kind of today’s society, our creations may get buried or not easily understood.
But in our day, we worked hard and searched for knowledge and experiences that could only be gained by going to the stores repeatedly, touching, choosing and feeling with our very own eyes and hands.And with great effort and countless trial and errors, our predecessors built Japan’s culture that would be respected by the rest of the world.
We don’t deny today’s society where anyone and everyone can express their thoughts and ideas. But we’re not going to be swayed by any of that and stay Original.
In any age, touching with you own hands and experiencing it yourself is key. And by digging with your own hands, we’d like you to experience “Delicious Original”.