Delicious Open Info.

by Hiroyuki Sano
2010.01.20 | NEWS


そんな刺激的な部分を僕達はCommon Magazineと同様に常にアンテナを張り巡らせて独自のテイストを構築し様々なバックボーンを持つブランドを国内外からセレクトする。


From the early 1990’s, American culture has had a great influence on us. It’s not an exaggeration
when we say that it’s changed our lives.
Everything we see, hear and wear has been influenced and inspired by it.
We’ve bought a lot of clothes, shoes and countless records.
We’ve made lots of mistakes but learned from all of them. When you’re interested in something, it’s natural to want to learn more about it. After the pursuit of knowledge, you find a deeper and wider world. This discovery is what inspires us the most.
Like Common Magazine, we search and select unique foreign and domestic brands of different backgrounds that we are inspired by and infuse them to our tastes.
It’s not a matter of following the latest trends or sticking with the old; it’s about creating that perfect balance.
The role of Delicious is to share information amongst people worldwide and offer lifestyles that many can relate to.