About DQM.

by Hiroyuki Sano
2011.02.19 | NEWS

ニューヨークの中心部のストリートで生まれ育ったプロライダー、Chris Keefeにより設立されたDQMはショップが開店するずっと前から築き上げてきたカルチャーや繋がりにより、すぐに地元とダウンタウンの人々に支持されるようになりました。

自分たちの歴史とスケートボードのルーツを大切にしてきたDQMは今となってはスニーカー、メンズウェア、スケートグッズを扱うニューヨークの優良スポットにまで成長しました。また、それだけでなく、自社ブランドとして、世界中のセレクトショップで販売さているアパレルやアクセサリーを含むフルコレクションを誇るようになりました。DQMは常にニューヨークの有望なデザイナーやフォトグラファーだけでなく、Vans、Nike、Crescent Down Works、Stormy Kromer、G-Shock、Adidas、Incaseなどの一流企業と仕事をしてきました。


When DQM opened for business on November 1st, 2003, on a nondescript street in Manhattan’s Bowery district – a site of counterculture since the 1950s, home to CBGBs, the beatniks and punk rock – it had just twenty styles of sneakers, a few skateboards and five styles of house brand t-shirts on the shelves.

Founded by professional skateboarder Chris Keeffe, born and raised in the heart and streets of New York City, DQM was built on a culture and relationships that began long before the store was conceived, and it quickly found the support of the neighborhood and the downtown scene.

Remaining true to this history and its roots in skateboarding, DQM has grown to become not only New York’s premiere location for sneakers, menswear and skate goods, but also a fully-fledged brand in its own right, with a complete seasonal collection of clothing and accessories sold in select locations around the world. DQM has been proud to work regularly with New York City’s up and coming designers and photographers as well as with companies as well-known as Vans, Nike, Crescent Down Works, Stormy Kromer, G-Shock, Adidas, and Incase.

Entering its eighth year, DQM continues to push the envelope for a new board and bike generation, at the same time never forgetting where we came from: thanks to friends and family, here and gone. We endure because you do.